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What is MATERRA? MATERRA is a web publishing platform with strong emphasis on user/system interaction and customization possibilities. For example, visitors to a website running on MATERRA can add new elements to a webpage, and even create new webpages which will automatically be accessible from the website menu.
Note that such changes are private - stored locally, in browser storage space.
Designed originally for the Amenoum website, but with reusability in mind, it is easy to setup (no databases necessary for its main functionality) and straight forward to use. At the user end, MATERRA is powered by MATERRA OS, an operating system written in JS/jQuery which provides numerous interaction possibilities through its command line interface (CLI). The word Materra is a composite of latin words mater (mother) and Terra (Earth). What are the features of MATERRA? What user platforms does MATERRA support? MATERRA is platform independent, although, usage of the command line interface (CLI) is recommended, and best experienced, on desktop (non-touchscreen) platforms. Also, due to reliance on newer javascript capabilities, it might not function properly on old web browsers. What server platforms does MATERRA support? MATERRA backend is written in PHP, with optional usage of SQLite databases. It thus works on all platforms where PHP can be installed. What are requirements for MATERRA? On server side, MATERRA requires PHP. It is tested on version 5.6, but it would probably work on older versions too. On client side, any newer web browser should suffice. However, the system has been exhaustively tested on Firefox so that one is recommended.