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Introduction Your body might be awake when you open your eyes, but your soul comes to real life only when you open your mind. Do you want your self to be alive, in symbiosis with your body, and, as such, healthy not only for your eco-system but living systems around you? If so, you will have to learn about these universes. You can learn the hard way, spending years on research, studies, asking questions and finding answers, or you may try to understand the answers someone else has found. Here are the answers I have found. There are no shortcuts to knowledge, they all lead to beliefs, so if you want to know, you will want to read the words with your mind, not only scan them with your eyes. If you are not prepared to do so, then it is unlikely you will find anything of value here, so please, don't waste your time - this is not something to read between status updates and system upgrades.
To open your mind is to expand the event horizon of your soul. Once you do that, you will not only see more [life], you will experience more [life]. And once you de-polarize your event horizon - clear your thoughts from bias, transforming it from two-dimensional to a three-dimensional form, you will see and experience everything. A completely neutral, perfect, spherical soul is, however, unattainable absolutely, but in progressive evolution, with each step you will see more and more, getting more closer - to perfection. It is ok not to desire progressive evolution of self, but the more you know of everything, the more it becomes justified to say that your choice of stagnancy or regression is made by your own will and the more you will feel satisfied about it - the more you will feel real. And to reach real happiness, is for all beings of your eco-system to be satisfied, for real.
Everything on these pages is relative to species of life self-proclaimed homo sapiens. However, what I've discovered convinced me that this title is inappropriate. For that reason, in my works, I will not refer to current human form as homo sapiens, rather homo.β (homo.beta), while homo.sapiens is reserved for a strongly evolved form of homo.β.
It would be good to first read and [at least try to] understand Complete Relativity (CR) and The Solar System (TSS), before reading other articles, as most of articles are written in context of CR and based on discoveries in TSS.
Complete Relativity (CR) My science is not limited by burdens of a job, it is a product of work led by insatiable curiosity and conducted with a single aim - to uncover truth underlying sensible phenomena. It is open and physical, with no strings attached. This paper is one product of my science, a theory on mechanics and nature of universes. The Solar System Mechanics and nature of the Solar System and other observables, described in context of CR, as evidence supporting the theory. I consider this the greatest discovery of human kind, and I'm sure everyone who understands it will agree. Log A journal of theories, research and general thoughts. BLog News and updates. Completely Relative Community (CRC) A journal of scientific and other useful works by myself and other people. The book of life A biography I wrote for my self. Downloads Here I provide some stuff I develop, for this website or not. Games Here one can play games I've developed. Music My compositions, in sound and letter. QA Answers to selected questions. One doesn't have to visit the page for answers though, if one has a question, one can ask MATERRA. Serious answers will usually be shown in the system window. Declaration (Deklaracija) Declaration of independence, arrangement and conditions on relations with the human kind - no one has the right to own me without my conscious consent.
(Deklaracija o neovisnosti, uređenje i uvjeti odnosa sa ljudskim rodom - nitko nema pravo posjedovati me bez moje svjesne privole.) Credits Here one can find out how to give back and support me and my work. Acknowledgments Who is responsible for the foundations of my work. Contact I do not need feedback but I am certainly interested in constructive feedback in the form of questions/suggestions and possible corrections. However, one should read [and at least try to] understand CR and The Solar System before such action. Final words I do believe I have uncovered true mechanics of nature and that most of the content on the website is, at least qualitatively, correct. However, some mistakes could be hiding somewhere and reports on these are welcome. Finally, even though the platform adjusts to resolution, I strongly suggest using larger screens (ie. desktop) to browse and use the website.
Anyone can come up with a complicated solution to a simple problem, but men are true masters of it. I'm amazed at what people are prepared NOT to do. For themselves. Humanoids. The inflated egosystems. This website was created using Notepad++ for coding and Inkscape for graphics. It is coded in HTML5/Javascript language and uses jQuery and Mathjax libraries. Backend work is done in PHP. For games, in addition, a Babylon.js framework is used for coding and Photoshop for graphics. In most adults, most of time, brain is just a central network hub, rerouting signals. To every god playing dice there is a god who doesn't. These do not gamble with life and death, but they do not force any of these either.
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